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Are you going to Heaven?


Ok, here's the deal. God loves you. He wants you to go to heaven. Problem is, He's perfect and you're not. But because God loves you, He's made a way.


Jesus Christ came and lived that perfect life you and I can't. Then he died a terrible and totally unjust death. God allowed Him to take our imperfections and replace them with His flawlessness. Because of Jesus, we can freely enter God's presence anytime. And we're going to Heaven! But there is one thing you have to do. You have to believe. When Jesus was on earth, He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by Me."


When you accept the free gift of Jesus' sacrifice, it doesn't just buy you a ticket to Heaven, it changes you into a new person on the inside. This is what the Bible when it says that you must be born again. It's a spiritual new birth that's as real as your physical birth. It may take you a while to notice the changes on the outside, but trust us, it's happened.


We dare you to accept Him right now. Just pray this simple prayer:

"Jesus, I'm done trusting in myself. I'm ready to start trusting in you. I believe that you died on the cross and were raised from the dead for me. I'm sorry for my sins-every wrong thing I've ever said or done. I ask you to forgive me. I invite you to come and live inside of me every day for the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus."


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